based on Hemp oil

Verdesativa is a leading company in Eco and BioCosmetics based on Hemp Oil, and it is the first Italian company certified by The Vegan Society, as none of our products contains animal origin ingredients.

We are also certified by AIAB for our products naturalness. We gained Nickel tested certification as well, because we only use heavy metals free ingredients.

For over the past 20 years we have been protecting consumers and environment health and wellness, avoiding potentially allergenic, irritating or polluting substances, choosing instead all raw materials. Our packaging are biodegradable too.


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  • plant-based ingredients only
  • no animal derived ingredients
  • no animal-tested products
  • no discrimination
  • no labour exploitation
  • no heavy metals
We believe in Natural Ecobiocosmetics. We have therefore banned from our production chain: irritants, aggressive, toxic, carcinogenic, allergenic, anti-perspirants, GMOs, derived from poisonous gases, non-biodegradable, preservatives that release formaldehyde, nitrates and nitrosamines, animal origin ingredients.

The list of what we DO NOT use:

  • Aggressive surfactants (sophates and betaines)
  • Ethoxylates (modified molecules)
  • Animal origin ingredients
  • Petrolatums and paraffins (derived from petroleum)
  • Chains of bromine, chlorine, iodine, fluorine
  • Any formaldehyde releaser
  • Imidazolidinyl urea and DMDM Hydantoin
  • Tetrasodium EDTA
  • DEA – MEA – TEA
  • PEG and PPG (derived from poisonous gases)
  • GMO

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    we have always been attentive to you and the environment

    The result is a cosmetic line that meets the specific needs of all skin and hair types.

    ONLY raw materials compliant with AIAB regulations, as they are natural, and with The Vegan Society, as we do not use animal derived ingredients.

    ONLY raw materials of high quality standards, organic where possible, respecting the natural hydrolipidic mantle, without allergenic or irritating substances.

    ONLY recyclable containers. We minimize the use of packaging as well. Raw materials are selected based on their biodegradability and low environmental impact. The raw materials are also selected based on their biodegradability and low environmental impact.

    ALL our cosmetics are rich in natural, nourishing and protective active ingredients contained in the precious vegetable and essential oils at the base of all our products.

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